Tomatoes for the South:
Best Tomato Varieties for Heat and Humidity

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Updated 12.21.23

The best tomatoes for the south U.S. (or warmer climates on other continents) must be able to withstand two tough problems:

1. Heat. When tomatoes face temperatures that are too hot, they may drop blossoms or have difficulty setting fruit. Tomatoes for the south are heat-tolerant. Most can set fruit a higher-than-normal temperatures.

2. Blight. The south’s humidity creates fertile breeding conditions for the fungi that cause both early blight and late blight. Dry summers mean less blight. Wet or humid summers cause blight to flourish. Tomatoes for the south are resistant to blight or strong enough to keep producing through a bad case of blight.

Check out these tomato varieties that do well in heat and humidity.

(Resistance code definitions listed below)

Hybrid Tomato Varieties for the South

Better Boy Tomato
Hybrid, indeterminate, 75 days, red, globe (16 ounces), resistance: VFNA
Heavy yields

Mountain Supreme
Hybrid, determinate, 69-0 days, red, globe, resistance: VF, blight

Solar Set
Hybrid, determinate, 70 days, bright red, globe (9 ounces), resistance: VFF
Developed by the University of Florida

Hybrid, determinate, 72 days, red, globe (7 ounces), resistance: VFFASt
Produces fruit even at temperatures above 90ºF

Sweet Million
Hybrid, indeterminate, 75 days, red, cherry, resistance: VFFNTSt and cracking
One plant can produce over 500 tomatoes

Heirloom Tomato Varieties for the South

Arkansas Traveler
Heirloom, indeterminate, 90 days, pink, medium (6 ounces)
Originated in the Ozark Mountains

Heirloom, indeterminate, 69-80 days, pink, beefsteak (16+ ounces), resistance: F

Dad’s Mug
Heirloom, indeterminate, 90 days, pinkish-red
Mug-shaped; thick walls/few seeds – good paste tomato; can be stuffed

San Marzano
Heirloom, indeterminate, 85 days, red/pink, plum (4 ounces)

Disease Resistance Codes

V Verticillium Wilt
F Fusarium Wilt
FF Fusarium, races 1 and 2
FFF Fusarium, races 1, 2, and 3
N Nematodes
A Alternaria
T Tobacco Mosaic Virus
St Stemphylium (Gray Leaf Spot)
TSWV Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

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