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Since 2010, Tomato Dirt has garnered 4.6+ million views, making it the web’s leading online source for growing tomatoes in the home garden. Award-winning writer and Tomato Dirt owner Kathy Widenhouse has helped thousands of home gardeners grow healthier tomatoes. Be one of them when you get Tomato Dirt’s Growing Guide here.

At Tomato Dirt, we like to grow tomatoes.

93% American gardening households (people like you) grow them, too.

Like anything else, there are some special things to know about growing tomatoes and some pitfalls to avoid. We get excited when we share our gardening tips with you – and you find out that growing tomatoes is easy with just a little help from a friend.

Most everyone agrees a fresh tomato tastes so much better than those bought in the store. That’s one reason growing them is so popular.

Plus, when you grow your own, you have a continuous supply – enough for canning, freezing, drying, with some extras to share.

Anyone can do it. Even if you live in a house with only a small yard or in an apartment patio, you can grow tomatoes in pots or containers. You can even grow them indoors.

Don't know where to start? Take our easy crash course, "10 Must-Know Tomato Growing Tips."

Get the dirt on ...


How do I grow tomatoes from seeds?

Tomato Varieties: determinate tomatoes, indeterminate tomatoes

Hybrid and heirloom tomato varieties: what’s the difference?

How to plant tomatoes


Growing tomatoes in pots

Staking tomatoes: the difference between tomato cages and tomato stakes

Watering tomato plants: top tips

Hanging tomatoes: what varieties to plant


Tomato: fruit or vegetable?

Tomato nutrition facts: what are the health benefits of tomatoes?

Harvesting tomatoes: what you need to know before you pick

Ask your questions or give a tip about growing tomatoes

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