All-America Selections for Tomatoes:
Most Respected Tomato Varieties

All-America Selections launched in 1932 as a way for home gardeners to learn which new varieties of flowers and vegetables are most superior.

Seed companies set up trial grounds to test new varieties. Each year, impartial judges independently evaluate seed varieties.

Beginning in 1984, the awards system was simplified to two types: the AAS Gold Medal Award (reserved for a breeding breakthrough) and AAS Award Winners (recognition for a cultivar superior to others on the market.)

To be considered, seeds must be new, unsold cultivars.

All-America Selections for Tomatoes

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(Resistance code definitions listed below) 

2011 All-America Selections Award Winner
Terenzo Tomato
Hybrid, determinate, 56 days, red, cherry/trailing (3/4 ounce), resistance: cracking

2011 All-America Selections Award Winner
Lizzano Tomato
Hybrid, semi-determinate, 63 days, cherry/trailing (1 inch), resistance: late blight

2005 All-America Selections Award Winner
Sugary Tomato
Hybrid, indeterminate, 60 days, reddish-pink, cherry (1/2 ounce)

2001 All-America Selections Award Winner
Jolly Tomato
Hybrid, indeterminate, 75 days, pink, peach-shaped cherry, resistance: cracking

1999 All-America Selections Award Winner
Juliet Tomato
Hybrid, indeterminate, 60 days, red, elongated cherry (1 ounce), resistance: cracking

1994 All-America Selections Award Winner
Named an All-America Classic by AAS
Big Beef Tomato
Hybrid, indeterminate, 73 days, red, beefsteak (10-12 ounces), resistance: VFFNTA

1993 All-America Selections Award Winner
Husky Gold Tomato
Hybrid, indeterminate, 70 days, golden, globe (7 ounces), resistance: VFA

1984 All-America Selections Award Winner
Celebrity Tomato
Hybrid, determinate, 70 days, red, beefsteak (8 ounces), resistance: VFFNTASt

1978 All-America Selections Award Winner
Florimerica Tomato (Floramerica Tomato)
Hybrid, determinate, 70 days, red, globe (7 ounces), resistance: 17 diseases, including VFFNTStAsc

1970 All-America Selections Award Winner
Small Fry Tomato
Hybrid, determinate, 65 days, brilliant red, cherry, resistance: VFNASt

1967 All-America Selections Award Winner
Spring Giant Tomato
Hybrid, 66 days, red, globe, resistance: VFN
Difficult to find; seeds may no longer may be produced

1951 All-America Selections Award Winner
Urbana Tomato
Heirloom, determinate, 70 days, scarlet, globe (7-9 ounces)

1943 All-America Selections Award Winner
Jubilee Tomato
Heirloom, indeterminate, 72-80 days, orange/golden, globe (7-9 ounces), low acid, resistance: FVT

1941 All-America Selections Award Winner
Victor Tomato
Heirloom, determinate, 55-68 days, red
Difficult to find

1940 All-America Selections Award Winner
Mingold Tomato
Heirloom, early, yellow
Difficult to find

1938 All-America Selections Award Winner
Harkness Tomato
Difficult to find

1938 All-America Selections Award Winner
Cardinal Tomato
Heirloom, indeterminate, 86 days, red, globe (2-10 ounces)

1936 All-America Selections Award Winner
Penn State Tomato

1936 All-America Selections Award Winner
Burpee Globe Tomato
Heirloom, indeterminate, 85 days, pink, globe

1935 All-America Selections Award Winner
Scarlet Dawn Tomato
Developed by Dr. A. F. Yeager, Department of Horticulture, University of New Hampshire
Used to breed Orange King Tomato in 1943

1933 All-America Selections Award Winner
Pritchard Tomato (also called Scarlet Topper)
Heirloom, indeterminate, 90 days, bright red, globe (5-10 ounces), resistance: F, cracking

Disease Resistance Codes

V Verticillium Wilt
F Fusarium Wilt
FF Fusarium, races 1 and 2
FFF Fusarium, races 1, 2, and 3
N Nematodes
A Alternaria
T Tobacco Mosaic Virus
St Stemphylium (Gray Leaf Spot)
TSWV Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

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