Amish Paste Tomato

The Amish Paste Tomato is a plum variety with a long history as a family heirloom tomato. 

Amish Paste Tomato with Tomato Dirt

It is reputed to have originated in the 1870s with the Amish people in Medford, Wisconsin, the oldest Amish settlement in that state.

Fortunately for the rest of us, Amish Paste was “discovered” in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. T

om Hauch of Heirloom Seeds acquired seeds from Amish farms in Lancaster and commercialized them for distribution. The variety was first listed in the 1987 SSE Yearbook by Thane Earl of Whitewater, Wisconsin.

What Amish Paste is like

The tomato is one of the bigger paste varieties. Fruit ranges from 6-12 ounces and vary in shape from oxheart to plum. In fact, many gardeners consider the variety too juicy and too seedy to cook down for tomato sauce, and use it for slicing instead.

It’s an indeterminate tomato and needs staking. Foliage is sparse, which exposes fruit to more sun than normal. That makes fruit susceptible to sunscald and cracking. During times of high heat, plants tend to droop.

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Amish Paste Tomato
Type: Heirloom
Origin: Wisconsin, USA
Days to maturity: 81-85 days
Season: Late season
Foliage/habit: narrow, sparse
Fruit color: bright red
Fruit shape/size: oxheart-shaped, 8-12 ounces
Disease resistance:
Yield: steady
Taste: sweet, tomatoey
Other notes: meaty and coreless. One of the largest of the paste tomatoes. Some gardeners consider it too juicy and seedy to use for sauce and simply slice it .

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