Where to find a seed exchange or a seed swap

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A seed exchange allows you to share your garden seeds with others and trade to receive seeds to grow in your garden. You can participate in an online seed exchange or an in-person seed swap.

Gardeners have different reasons for participating in a seed exchange.

  • Some are interested in finding organic or heirloom varieties to grow
  • Some are looking for seeds that are not readily available in their immediate location
  • Some simply want to save money

Some online seed exchanges operate with a nominal fee. Others are free. Regardless, a seed exchange saves you money. Plus, when you’re part of a seed exchange community, you can meet gardeners from all over the world.

Where to find a seed exchange or seed swap with Tomato Dirt #HomeGardening #GrowTomatoes

Seed exchange communities to check out

1. Dave's Garden

Dave's Garden is a member-supported community that operates with a nominal membership fee. Subscribed members of Dave's Garden receive full access to every feature on the site including seed trading tools.

Plant and Seed Trading Community: View lists of seeds and plants available for trading by other members of Dave’s Garden and post your own wish list.
Seed Trading Forum: trade with other members. Requires membership in Dave’s Garden.

Group Trades, Swaps, and Round Robin Forum: a different twist on traditional plant and seed trading, "round robins" are fun and exciting. You never know what to expect when you open that box. Requires membership in Dave’s Garden.

International Trading: gardeners throughout all countries in the world meet in this forum to trade seeds and plants. Requires membership in Dave’s Garden.

Plant Trading Forum: arrange plant trades with other members. Requires membership in Dave’s Garden.

2. Great American Seed Swap/Trade Group

The Great American Seed Swap/Trade Group is free on Facebook, but you must have a Facebook account to join the group. Share, swap, trade seeds and plants for fun with other group members. Click on the Discussion tab to view seed lists and post your own.

3. Houzz (formerly GardenWeb)

The Houzz Seed Exchange is free when you register on Houzz. It provides a place where users can offer seeds for trade and make requests for seeds they are seeking. Items for sale are not permitted.

4. National Gardening Association Seed Swap

Watch the National Gardening Association video tutorial to learn how to use the seed swap system. This swaps page also curates a list of local swaps and specialized seed exchanges, which you can follow and attend according to your own interests

5. Seed Savers Exchange

The granddaddy of seed swap sites, the Seed Savers Exchange community of gardeners shares and swaps rare seeds you might not find anywhere else, including vegetables, grains, fruits, berries, nuts, herbs, spices, flowers – even cotton flax, hops, and sugar cane.

How to find a local seed exchange

It’s easy to find a local seed exchange, thanks to the internet. Simply search for ...

  • "seed exchange in my area"
  • "seed exchange near me"
  • "seed swap in [your state, city, or local area]"

Did you know ….?

In the United States the last Saturday of January is "National Seed Swap Day."

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