Freezing Tomatoes FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

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Tomato Dirt answers your freezing tomatoes FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. What are the best tomato varieties for freezing?

Roma tomatoes, also called paste tomatoes. They have thicker walls and less water.

Q. Must I cook tomatoes before freezing them?

No. You can freeze raw tomatoes.

However, defrosted tomatoes taste better if they’ve been cooked before freezing. 

Also, cooked tomatoes last longer in the freezer than those frozen raw.

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Q. How tightly should I pack tomatoes?

Plastic freezer containers: allow 1” head room.
Plastic freezer bags: leave room for expansion.

Q. How can I remove excess air from freezer bags after filling them with tomatoes – and still allowing room for expansion?

Place a soda straw in the bag’s zippered corner. Close zipper as far as possible. Use the straw to suck out excess air!

Q. Can I place tomatoes directly in the freezer after preparing them?

Let tomatoes cool before packing freezer containers.

Q. I’d like to season tomatoes for freezing. How should I do that?

Season frozen tomatoes after thawing – when you’re ready to use them. Freezing can strengthen or weaken seasoning flavors.

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