Where to Find Seed Exchange Forums and Seed Swaps Online

By participating in a seed exchange online, you can share your extra seeds (of all kinds) and trade to receive interesting tomato seeds to grow next season. Seed swapping also saves money.

Check out these seed exchanges (listed alphabetically) and start trading!

No cost seed trading

iVillage GardenWeb

Free when you register on the forums
Under Subject Areas, choose Exchanges & Trading: Seeds The Seed Exchange provides a place where users can offer seeds for trade and make requests for seeds they are seeking. Items for sale are not permitted.

National Gardening Association Seed Swap
Free forum
Fill out online swap form. Swap for the seeds you've been looking for or share your excess seeds with others. Your submission remains online for 30 days.

Seed Swaps
Free when you create an account
Seed Swaps is an online community that makes seed trading with others easy and convenient. Trade your extra seeds. Exchange hard-to-find seeds for your garden without high costs.

Membership communities

American Horticultural Seed Exchange Program
Membership in American Horticultural Society required ($35 US annually
Submit saved seeds in the fall of each year. Then in January, view the available list of seeds and request the varieties you want.

Dave’s Garden
Dave's Garden is a member-supported community. Subscriptions are available at an annual rate of $19.95 (US), or a bi-monthly rate of $5 (US). Subscribed members of Dave's Garden will receive full access to every feature on the site including seed trading tools.

  • Plant and Seed Trading Community: View lists of seeds and plants available for trading by other members of Dave’s Garden and post your own wish list.
  • Seed Trading Forum: trade with other members. Requires membership in Dave’s Garden.
  • Group Trades, Swaps, and Round Robin Forum: a different twist on traditional plant and seed trading, "round robins" are fun and exciting. You never know what to expect when you open that box. Requires membership in Dave’s Garden.
  • International Trading: gardeners throughout all countries in the world meet in this forum to trade seeds and plants. Requires membership in Dave’s Garden
  • Plant Trading Forum: arrange plant trades with other members. Requires membership in Dave’s Garden.

Did you know ….?

In the United States the last Saturday of January is "National Seed Swap Day."

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