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White spots showing on leaves and leaves wilt

by Bob L.
(Tampa, Fl )

There are white spots showing on tomato leaves. Also the leaves are wilting. I have seen some small flies on the plants. Can this be the problem?

Dear Bob,

Sounds like you've got some whiteflies lurking around your tomato plants!

Here are some ways to identify whiteflies for sure

  • Shake your tomato plant. If dozens of tiny white or light-colored insects break free, they are likely whiteflies.
  • Look for whiteflies’ telltale trail of sticky white dew (called “honeydew”) on leaves, stems, and fruit.
  • Check leaves for circular or spiral light-colored designs, which are actually strings of whitefly eggs.
  • Check leaves for wilt, brown patches, or other damage.

What whiteflies do to tomatoes
Whiteflies suck juices from leaves, causing wilting, leaf damage, brown leaves, and stunted growth. If left unchecked, whiteflies can quickly defoliate your tomato crop.

Ways to control whiteflies

  • Drown them: spray plants with a steady stream from the garden hose.
  • Apply an organic insecticidal soap, such as Safer®.
  • Apply horticultural oil, like neem oil, to control whiteflies.
  • Introduce or encourage insects that feed on aphids, such as ladybugs.

Happy gardening!
Your friends at Tomato Dirt

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Jun 11, 2015
White spots showing NEW
by: Anonymous

I have no idea about these white flies, it's very sad thing to consider as the total seeds are being affected through them. It's also advisable to refer few articles from on tomato growing. Any way's this has been a wonderful site so far seen.

Jun 01, 2015
gone NEW
by: serina

It worked man, I shook the leaves and not every flies but some of them are gone. I thought my plant is gone. Then I sprayed with the garden Hose. After hosing every flies were gone from the leaves. Thank you so much friends.zipline kit

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