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White "channels," on leaves...look like little paths

by Mona
(Central Florida)

Q.The leaves of my plants have little curvy channels from the bottom of the plant up. The lowest leaves are turning yellow and brown. What is this and what type of treatment should I begin? I am harvesting fruit and have additional blooms.

A. Sounds like it might be whiteflies!

  • Shake your tomato plant. If dozens of tiny white or light-colored insects break free, they are likely whiteflies.
  • Look for whiteflies’ telltale trail of sticky white dew (called “honeydew”) on leaves, stems, and fruit.
  • Check leaves for circular or spiral light-colored designs, which are actually strings of whitefly eggs.

Whiteflies suck juices from leaves, causing wilting, leaf damage, brown leaves, and stunted growth. If left unchecked, whiteflies can quickly defoliate your indoor tomato crop.

To control whiteflies, apply an organic insecticidal soap, such as Safer®, or horticultural oil, like neem oil.

Good luck and happy gardening!
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Oct 30, 2015
Education NEW
by: Stella Grandi

planting and farming is such a science which is very pleasing and you know more and more with practice. Tomato framing is such a wonderful thing and these leaf miners are such a big problem. You know in writing your essays planting is a one of the major topics of discussion. In which growing different types of plants as well as bug and insects and leaf miners as well are also discussed in so much detail.

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