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What causes cracks in the tops of the tomatoes?

Q. My tomatoes have cracks on the top where the stems are. Does a calcium deficiency cause this problem?

A. Tomato cracks (sometimes called “growth cracks”) are a problem associated with growing conditions. Dry weather that gives way to excessive watering or a rainy period can lead to cracking.

A tomato cracks when it gets too much water too fast. The fruit absorbs the extra water from rain or disproportionate watering, but it expands too fast. That means the tomato skin can’t stretch to accommodate the extra fluid. Cracking alleviates pressure.

To prevent cracking, try to keep your watering schedule consistent. Also, next season, consider planting crack-resistant varieties!

Here's a page devoted to tomato cracks - the what, the why, and the what to do.

By the way ... you can still eat a tomato if it's cracked!

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Aug 12, 2014
Tomato Cracks
by: FarmboyRick

Good info on cracked tomatoes. After other research...A)some varieties of tomatoes are less prone to crack. B)the most common cause is over-watering after an extended time of dryness. The tomato develops a thicker skin in defense of hot, dry weather as the ground get dryer and dryer. When heavy watering is introduced the tomato cannot handle the growth and thus splits. Light watering might be better in this instance. C)it is recommended to pick tomatoes before they fully ripen on the vine, then ripen them indoors...and do the same at the first sign of cracking. D)Best prevention is regular and consistent watering (drip system on a timer).

Jul 25, 2013
Splitting tomatoes
by: Nofoolmetx.

Here is my theory , my tomatoes had gone without
Any water for about 3 weeks and I did not think
We would have any rain, so I watered my tomatoes and they all started to crack or split,
The water caused them to split they sucked it up and the tomatoes split.
So I learned something water your tomatoes on a regular basic, or get some tomatoes that are split free if they are any.

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