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Tomatoes Too Slow In Ripening

by Lisa
(Lincoln, CA)

Q. My tomato plant looks healthy and strong, but the tomatoes stay green and not turning red. They are in a very sunny spot and are on a drip system. Could it be that they get too much water?

Tomato Dirt responds ...
A. There are several reasons your tomatoes may not be turning red.

  • Tomatoes need warmth to ripen, not light. Fruit will continue to ripen during overcast or cloudy days that are warm or tropical. Cool days, however, will slow the ripening process.
  • Tomatoes stop ripening when temperatures are above 86º F. If you have a long string of hot days, or if you live in an area that has consistently hot summers, then tomatoes may ripen slowly.
  • Tomatoes may be a long-season variety. Some types of tomatoes can take up to 100 days or more to be ready to pick.

You can move along the ripening process when you check this list of tips for ripening green tomatoes on the vine.

Good luck and happy gardening!
Your friends at Tomato Dirt

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