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To Turn Soil in the Fall or Not

by Rich G.
(Easton, PA)

I am a bit confused. In the article, "3 Mistakes to Avoid When You Prepare Garden for Winter," it is mentioned to avoid over-cultivating; however, in other articles, it is suggested to turn mulch. in the fall. I have a covering of grass that I use to prevent weeds and would like to know if it is Ok to turn that over in the fall so it decomposes in the winter. What is the recommended approach?
Many Thanks

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Aug 21, 2020

by: Kathryn


Great question!

Short answer: by all means, add organic matter to your garden soil in the fall and allow it to decompose. And if possible, turn it into the soil as you add it to the garden.

But to expand ... in the spring, garden soil tends to be wet. Too much tilling will create clumps in the garden and will make it hard to get your crop in the ground.

Bottom line, add clippings and other organic matter in the fall. That will give it time to decompose.

Hope this helps clarify!

Happy gardening,
Your friends at Tomato Dirt

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