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Sparse foliage and color too light

by Sarah Oliver
(Helena, AL, USA)

Q. The foliage on my tomatoes seems sparse and the color too light. But each plant has lots of blooms and several tomatoes. What might be the problem?

A. Several issues could be in play.

  • Soil. The area in question may have a nutrient deficiency or be depleted. Nitrogen spurs foliage growth and deeper leaf color. Work compost into the soil. You can also fertilize with a balanced tomato fertilizer like
    Miracle Gro Tomatoes
    or Tomato Tone.
  • Water. Too much rain can deplete the soil and lead to lighter foliage color.
  • Iron. Pale green foilage can mean a lack of iron in the soil.
  • Sun. Fewer leaves can mean your plants aren't getting enough sun. Tomatoes need 6-8 hours of light a day.

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Sep 28, 2015
Sparse foliage and color too ligh NEW
by: Anonymous

Well now i came to know what was the actual reason behind the sparse foliage and color of the tomato plant. I have planned to do my paper on growing. Your blog is a good guidance to my writings.

Jul 07, 2015
nutrient deficiency NEW
by: naina

I am sure that the problem will be the nutrient deficiency. The deficiency can easily be solved using some soil test. And also make sure that you are watering the plant in an equal way. may be uneven water can cause this problem.Network Security

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