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My tomatoes are mottled

by Terrie

Q. I am having trouble with my cherry tomatoes. Their exteriors are mottling. Can you help?

A. There are at least 3 conditions to check for when your tomatoes are mottled, splotchy, or have blotchy exteriors and interiors:

  1. Green shoulders (or yellow shoulders). Tops or other parts of tomatoes do not ripen in the same color as the rest of the fruit. Green shoulders are caused by excessive sunlight and can be prevented by offering plants shade.
  2. Gray wall. A physiological condition in which fruit appears mottled, splotchy, or unevenly ripened, gray wall is best avoided by balanced fertilizer and an occasional pruning just above the fruit.
  3. Tomato mosaic virus. Similar symptoms to gray wall, but tomato mosaic virus also affects stems and leaves along with fruit.

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