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My favorite tomato varieties

by Paul John
(Toms River, NJ - I'm from the best and most creative country in the world. If you can guess which one that is.)

I live in zone 7a. I know too many gardeners in my area that don't actually know much about gardening. They just put the plant in the ground, throw some water on it and maybe a little miracle-gro, and that's about it. Then, when things fail in their garden, they ask you why and they look at you like you're not making any sense. Too much effort for some, I guess.

I'm what I would call a 90% organic gardener. The only reason I cant say 100% is because I live in a polluted area, and I use Osmocote because of i nutritional properties.

My favorite tomato varieties so far are Big Boy, Roma, Celebrity, Cherokee purple, Husky Cherry and Beefsteak. This year I'm growing Beefsteak in extremely large portions along with Husky Cherry, Celebrities, and one Patio tomato plant in a container.

I am growing many other varieties of vegetables and fruit including snow peas and varieties of garden beans in containers because of I can control how much water and sun they get. The peas do not like water or excessive heat and humidity.

Last summer, I found that most of my tomatoes did not do well when it was wet and humid all summer long.

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