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by Nick
(Orange, Virginia)

Good morning's pick

Good morning's pick

Lucky as an Irishman, I am. Lots of "mulch" near, as I have watched, observed, read and practiced what is preached of "mulchamania," most of my life.

I have been way "organic" since the mid 1970's and read everything I could get my hands on, including 40 years' worth of "Organic Farmer" magazine when it was strictly of farmers.

I use news papers, thatch, pine needles (my fave) and rug remnants to mulch tomatoes, just to name a few.

I plant tomatoes in the ground, in pots, and in buckets every year and almost always watch for the signs to feed & water. Pine needles are by far the best. Take notice the ground around a pine forest and you just may begin to understand. It's great gardening, nature's way.

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