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Just taste the best

by Rick Padgett
(South Carolina)

I have grown many varieties of tomatoes over the last 30 years but I have tasted none better than Cherokee Purple. It is a heirloom and you will need to take care of it.

Keep bottom leaves off of the ground and mulch after it gets about 3 feet tall. This is a big plant and it is best to use a large cage to help you manage all the branches. I use concrete reinforcing wire to form a large cage. Don't get one of those cones from Lowe's. They are totally useless.

To play it safe, spray your Cherokee Purple with a copper fungicide weekly to prevent blight from even starting. Pinch suckers and let 4-5 stems grow strong.

Everybody has an opinion on a favorite tomato but if you haven't tried this one I think you will be pleased.

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