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Growing question

by Greg Wilson
(Ballarat, Australia)

Tomato plant growing tip distorted

Tomato plant growing tip distorted

Some of my tomato plants have suffered "wilt." In this case, the wilt is a purpling and curling of the leaves. They are shriveling and slightly distorted.

Some of the damage may be from waterlogged clay soil as well as current variable conditions - that is, hot days, cold nights. Am I right in thinking these are the causes? From Tomato Dirt pages, I realise that I have been watering too little, too often as I have also suffered a little blossom end rot.

And here I thought I knew how to grow tomatoes after all these years. Just shows you that every gardening year is a new experience.

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Aug 26, 2020

by: Kathryn

Hey Greg,

It appears that your tomato plants are suffering from a phosphorus deficiency - a condition that's especially prevalent with your cold nights. You can correct this by amending the soil!

Your friends at Tomato Dirt

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