Drying Tomatoes FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

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Tomato Dirt answers your drying tomatoes FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions. 

Q. Must I remove seeds from tomatoes before drying them?

No. Seeding or not seeding tomatoes before drying is a matter of personal preference. Some cooks believe seeds add a bitter, acid flavor to dried tomatoes. Others claim seeds intensify dried tomato flavor. Regardless of what your taste buds tell you, removing seeds is an extra step and adds more time to the drying process.

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Q. How much yield can I expect when I dry tomatoes?

Yield amounts vary greatly, depending on tomato variety, amount of moisture in the tomatoes, and slice thickness. As a general rule –

  • 20 pounds of fresh tomatoes yield 1 pound of sun-dried tomatoes 
  • 5 pounds of Roma tomatoes yield about 2 cups of dried tomatoes 1
  • 0 medium tomatoes yield 1 ounce of dried tomatoes

Q. How much do tomatoes shrink when they’re dried?

To about ¼ their original size.

Q. Do tomatoes lose nutrients when they are dried?

Water soluble nutrients (B vitamins and vitamin C) are lost in the drying process. Non-water soluble nutrients (such as vitamin A, vitamin K, minerals, and fiber) actually become more concentrated as a result of the drying process.

Q. Which kind of dried tomato tastes best?

Dried tomatoes are sweeter and more intense than fresh tomatoes. Their flavor is concentrated. That’s why sweet cherry tomatoes are considered have the best flavor when dried.

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Q. What should I do if I dry tomatoes too long and they become brittle?

Soak them in lemon juice a few minutes. Allow them to air dry before storing.

Q. How do I use dried tomatoes?

Use them interchangeably in any recipe that calls for sun dried tomatoes. You can also learn the best ways to reconstitute them to use in recipes.

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