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Choosing the Ideal Tomato Plant for your Garden

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

If you're planning to build your own tomato garden, you better give a head start for your dream tomato garden by knowing how to plant them and choosing healthy seeds to have a good plant growth.

You can purchase tomato plants online or in your nearest nursery. Either way, you should be able to determine which tomato seedlings can produce a good harvest in the future and the best ways to plant them. The good thing about taking care of tomatoes is you don't have to be a certified agriculturist to grow one. As long as you know the basics, having a healthy and nutritious tomato is within your reach!

1. Purchase your tomato seedlings as early as possible. Many people find planting tomatoes interesting, rewarding, and easy. So it's not a wonder why nurseries ran out of stock of ready to plant seedlings. If not, you can cultivate the fresh seeds you can get from your consumed tomatoes.

2. Select healthy seedlings. An unhealthy tomato plant is easy to spot, you just need to be keen and know the difference of healthy ones. Tomatoes with illnesses usually have furled leaved and yellowish. Their stems are broken easily and may have strains of insect infestation. A healthy plant does not have all these and appear to be healthy with green leaves and string stems.

3. Do not purchase the ones with buds on it. Tomato plants with flowers are almost bearing its fruit and transferring it to another environment, such as your garden, would not be ideal. If you are left with no choice but to purchase the flowering ones, pinch off the buds to allow healthier fruit production.

Buying tomato plants is easy. There are a lot of resources which you can take advantage of such as the internet or your local plant nursery. What matters most is that you know how to take care of it after planting.

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