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Bumps on tomato plant stem

I have a hanging tomato plant had it for years and I love it. My problem is that this year I have hundreds of small bumps all over the stem and branches next to the stem. Any idea what this might be?


Dear Alan,

Most of the time, bumps on tomato stems are not harmful. They are early roots pushing their way out of the stem, usually a result of stress - most often from over-watering, high humidity, poor drainage, root damage, or exposure to an herbicide.

It sounds like your hanging tomato has been through challenging conditions. But unless there's wilt associated with the bumps, it's likely your tomato will be OK!

Read more about bumps on tomato plants (also called root initials or tomato stem primordial) and what you can do to prevent them.

Happy Gardening!
Tomato Dirt

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