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Big Mama Romas are good all around tomatoes

by Nancy J.
(Marietta, OH)

Big Mamas grow to be around 4 to 5 inches long in kind of a pear shape. They have very little juice and very few seeds.

I use these for sandwiches. No juice drips out between bread slices. You many need two or three slices for a sandwich. The flavor can't be beat and the meatiness of the tomato makes it great for salads, pastas, and different types of tomato dishes, fresh, cooked, frozen or canned.

Big Mamas are a great all-around tomato and grow in clusters on the tomato vines. They are a hardy tomato and have better blight resistance compared with other tomatoes. I am always sure to start more Big Mama seeds in the spring than any other type of tomatoes.

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Aug 04, 2011
BIG Mama seed question
by: Tlover

I got 3 Big Mama plants this spring and the fruit is just starting to ripen. I wanted to purchase seeds but could only find plants in a catalog. If I save these seeds and plant them in the spring will I get the same great tomato?

A. Yep! Go for it! Just one caution. Big Mama Roma is a hybrid. You likely won't get exactly the same great tomato. Nevertheless, the seeds will be viable. If you are a stickler and you want EXACTLY the same tomato, then go ahead and buy new seeds or plants that have been produced via the hydridization process.

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