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Best tomatoes ever for me

by Jim Vann
(Huntsville, Alabama)

I buried a soaker hose in a small trench (about 4-5 inches deep) snaked through my tomato garden. I covered the whole area with a plastic that kept out the sunlight to avoid having weeds in the plot.

I punched holes in the plastic and planted my plants about every 2 feet around the length of the hose. I could water them from underground and also add liquid fertilizer to the hose to also feed them from underground.

I had the best crop of tomatoes I've ever had. Hope this might also work for you .

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Apr 11, 2014
Soaker hose
by: Jim Vann

I dug the furrow in a serpentine fashion, front to back, curve around and come back to the front, etc. I used a 75 foot hose.Thanks for the comment

Apr 11, 2014
I want to try the same
by: Jennie-in-Ak

How often and how long did you run your soaker hose?
I live in Alaska and our summers have been starting off hot (90s this last summer) an our days are super long. My tomatoes grew well, but I know they just didn't get enough water in that month of really high temps.

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