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Hundreds of quarts of tomatoes

by Roy
(Ten Killer Lake, OK)

The variety: Better Boy, Spring Giant, and about 3 other types of tomatoes.

But the key was the soil, not a certain tomato variety.

The location was Chico, TX. The soil was sandy. Sun lasted until 2 PM. The lime drive way drained into raised bed 3 x 12 feet, filled with wheel barrows full of untouched forest soil, top 2 or 3 inches to fill in holes. I put a tablespoonful of epsom salts in bottom and a tablespoon of fertilizer in each hole, then covered both with 2 inches of soil below plants and watered with well water every two days. The bed had good drainage also, and plants did not stand in water. Weather was right that year also.

I canned 300 quarts and gave tomatoes away besides all the fresh tomatoes our family enjoyed. Plants continued to set fruit forever it seemed. Once they started producing, they went till frost.

I look back and know the mycorrhizae from nature was one of the big keys to success, plus the rich well water combined with the weather. There were no bugs, no diseases of any kind.

Hope this encourages someone!


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