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[Tomato Dirt #133] Avoid These 3 Mistakes When You Prepare Garden for Winter
October 19, 2017

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Volume 7, Number 17

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FEATURE: Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Preparing Garden for Winter

When you prepare garden for winter, you are doing more than a simple fall clean up (although tidiness is great!) You’re also giving yourself a leg up so your vegetable garden is ready for planting tomatoes and other crops in the spring.

Your goal is to prepare your garden so that in just a few months, next season’s new plants get a good start in a healthy environment.

This is a different task than what you face in preparing your flower bed for winter. In that case, perennials and bulbs need extra protection so they will be able to rejuvenate and start growing early on next season. In the vegetable garden, however, the concern is not what will come back (since tomatoes, beans, corn, and other edibles are annuals.) Rather, what steps can you take now to help them flourish next season?

Here’s the dirt: there’s a lot going on in your garden now, even though you cannot see it. The activity is underground. You want to help maximize that process as you prepare garden for winter. Here’s how you can avoid some costly mistakes …

Read the full article … and be sure to get more helpful tips on our Garden Clean Up Pinterest Board.

Best Tips for Growing Tomatoes

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Tomato Growing Tip: Don't Over-Cultivate in the Fall

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What You Need As You Clean Up the Garden

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Garden pruners and shears to clip back plants and weeds Sloggers and other garden boots to keep your feet dry Compost tumblers for your garden debris

More Tips for Fall Garden Clean Up

How to Get Started With Fall Garden Clean Up Fall Cleaning Checklist for Your Garden 1: Remove Tomato Plants Fall Cleaning Checklist for Your Garden 2: Remove Tomato Supports Fall Cleaning Checklist for Your Garden 3: Turn, Burn, and Mulch

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