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[Tomato Dirt #89] Composting in the Fall (and All 4 Seasons) for Tomatoes
October 07, 2015

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Volume 5, Number 16

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FEATURE: Composting in the Fall for Healthy Tomatoes Next Season

Image: Tomato Dirt

Compost is an excellent component to add to your garden to help you grow healthy tomatoes and other crops. You may be surprised to learn that composting is a gardening activity you can and should do year round. As we move into the fall be sure to use these special tips for composting in the fall.

Composting in the Fall

  • Capitalize on garden clean up. Collect your fall leaves to use in your compost pile, layering them with dead or dying flowers, spent tomato plants, grass clippings, and other garden debris as you tidy up the garden after the growing season. Alternate a layer of leaves to the compost pile with other organic material to prevent matting.
  • Plan for winter. Whether your compost pile is new or established, reserve extra leaves in a separate pile or in a bag next to your compost bin. Use them during the winter as a brown layer in between “green” kitchen refuse.
  • Monitor rain. Keep a tarp ready to spread over the pile during rainy spells to prevent the compost from becoming too soggy.
  • Turn the pile. Don’t forget to turn your compost to let in air pockets during the autumn months.
Learn more about composting during all 4 seasons

… and get more helpful tips about composting on our Composting for Tomatoes Pinterest Board.

Tomato Growing Tip #16: Two Kinds of Compost Bins

Image: Tomato Dirt

To Help You With Composting

Yimby (Yes In My Back Yard) Tumbler Composter, Black Jobe's Organic Compost Starter 4-Pound Bag

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