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[Tomato Dirt] 4 Tomato Varieties to Try in Your Tomato Garden
February 07, 2015

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Volume 5, Number 2

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FEATURE: 4 Tomato Varieties To Try in Your Tomato Garden

Image: Tomato Dirt

So many tomatoes … so little garden space! With thousands of tomato varieties, how can you choose?

Here are 4 types of tomatoes you may want to consider as you plan your next crop.

  • Jet Star Tomato. By far the most popular tomato at curbside markets because it is so easy to grow, Jet Star has a sweet flavor and is uniformly red. Quite simply, this tomato looks and tastes like a tomato should. Plus it is extremely disease resistant and crack resistant.
  • Mortgage Lifter Tomato. This large pink beefsteak heirloom tomato is known as much for its legendary history as it is for its size and dependability. Notwithstanding, Mortgage Lifter simply tastes good.
  • Sweet 100 Tomato. A hybrid cherry tomato variety that produces incredibly tasty fruit, so much so that it has been nicknamed “vine candy.” The “100” part of the name is a misnomer in the sense that it’s too modest. Most Sweet 100 plants produce not one hundred, but rather hundreds of fruit.

  • Yellow Pear Tomato. Plants produce bright yellow, pear-shaped cherry tomatoes with a sweet, mild flavor. Gardeners like this variety because it’s unusual and even cute. Yellow Pear Tomato is an old heirloom variety that has been around more than 200 years.

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Tomato Growing Tip #2: When to Start Tomato Seeds

Image: Tomato Dirt

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