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Beware of Tomato Blight: What Should You Look For?

At least three common tomato problems are referred to under the broad umbrella of “tomato blight”: early blight, late blight, and Septoria leaf spot. They’re each caused by a different fungus. Tell them apart by what their symptoms look like on your plants, the parts of the tomato they affect, and when their symptoms appear.

Early Blight Late Blight Septoria

Photo: University of Minnesota Extension

Photo: Iowa State University

Photo: Cornell University

Dark, concentric spots ¼ - ½” on lower leaves and stems

Spots on fruit near stems

Lower leaves yellow and drop
Blue-gray spots on leaves which turn brown

Dropped leaves

Irregular brown, greasy spots on fruit

White mold rings on spots

Small black or brown spots on the lower leaves

Lower leaves yellow and drop
early- to mid-season

in wet weather
mid- to late-season

in wet weather
early- to mid-season

in wet weather

The good news is this: all three can be treated and controlled similarly with biofungicides or fungicides and by practicing good preventative care. Check out more ways to tell these nasty infections apart …

Use a Garden Sprayer to Treat Tomato Blight

Garden sprayers are used to apply liquid treatments to tomato plants, such as fungicide to treat early blight, late blight, and Septoria leaf spot. They are essential for treating tomato diseases with organic or inorganic fungicides.
  • A hose-end sprayer is a device attached to the end of a garden hose.
  • A compression sprayer is the most commonly-used sprayer in the garden. It’s made up of three main parts: a tank which holds the product mix, a pump to provide pressure, and a nozzle/wand combination to apply the product to your tomato plants.
  • A trigger sprayer is made up of a simple plastic squeeze-pump handle mounted on a plastic bottle.

Read more about different kinds of garden sprayers so you can figure out which kind is right for you.

More on tomato fungus and diseases ...

Different Kinds of Tomato Blight How to Identify and Treat Early Blight How to Identify and Treat Late Blight How to Identify and treat Septoria Leaf Spot

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That’s it for now. More next time!

Until then, happy gardening!

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