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Top 4 Things Tomato Seedlings Need to Be Healthy and Grow

When tomato seedlings pop through your potting soil, the whole game changes. It’s a lot like what happens when you bring a new baby home from the hospital. Your new sprouts require lots of TLC.

There are 4 secrets to growing tomato seedlings successfully:

  1. Light: let there be lots of it! Seedlings need 12-18 hours of light each day. Do yourself a favor and give it to them. Otherwise they will become leggy and weak very quickly.
  2. Water. Water your tomato seedlings enough so that you don’t let the potting mix dry out or seedlings wilt – and make sure to water from the bottom.
  3. Air. Keep room temperature consistent, about 70°F.
  4. Nutrients. Look out for yellowing leaves, which indicate the need for food. If possible, wait until your seedlings have at least 2-3 sets of leaves before feeding.
Read all the details about what tomato seedlings need to grow strong …

When should you re-pot seedlings?

A strong tomato plant gets that way from a strong root system. Re-potting tomato seedlings gives roots room to grow. You know it’s time to re-pot seedlings to a larger container when …
  • seedlings have two sets of true leaves
  • the second set of leaves is at least 2 inches long
Read all about repotting tomato seedlings.

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How's your soil?

Pick the best home garden spot for growing tomatoes How to take a soil test in your home garden How to prepare your garden soil for tomatoes

Where to find tomato seedlings and seeds ...

Heirloom and OP (open-pollinated) Tomato Varieties
Tomato Dirt recommends TomatoFest, which offers over 600 varieties.

Hybrid Tomato Varieties - Tomato HP Logo

For hybrid tomato seeds, we recommend Burpee, a leading home gardening and seed company since 1881. Shop for Tomatoes

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Until then, happy gardening!

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P.S. As you choose which tomato varieties to grow in 2012, make sure you consider which ones grow best in your climate. Check out these tomato variety lists to help.

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