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[Tomato Dirt #157] How to Dry Tomatoes: 4 Easy Methods to Try
August 25, 2018

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Volume 8, Number 22

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FEATURE: How to Dry Tomatoes - Choose One of These 4 Easy Methods

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Drying tomatoes is easy, economical, and a good way to save some of summer’s bounty if you’re running out of room in your freezer or on your pantry shelf. The idea is simple: remove water from the tomatoes to preserve them.

There are four methods for drying tomatoes. They are all easy! Choose the one that is best for you.

  • Sun dried tomatoes: tomatoes are dried outside in the sun or in a very hot automobile. You’ll get best results when weather is low in humidity (less than 60%) with high temperatures (90ºF or more during the day).
  • Oven-dried tomatoes: tomatoes are dried in your kitchen oven at a slow oven at about 200º F over a period of several hours.
  • Dehydrated tomatoes: this drying method for tomatoes is the most reliable. Tomatoes are dried in a food dehydrator as a blower or fan circulates air.
  • Microwave-dried tomatoes: drying tomatoes in a microwave has some quirks and inconsistencies, but with patience and practice you can dry batches of tomatoes quickly.

Learn more about how to dry tomatoes

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Learn Food Dehydrating in 1 Hour

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Tomato Growing Tip: Best Tomato Variety for Drying

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To Help You Dry Tomatoes for Less

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Dry veggies, fruit, beef jerky with stackable electric food dehydrators from Nesco, Excalibur, Presto Commercial grade food dehydrators for people like you and me Expand your food dehydrator’s capabilities with extra trays

More About Drying Tomatoes

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