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[Tomato Dirt #142] Are Raised Beds for Tomatoes for You? 5 Tips to Help You Get Started
March 30, 2018

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Volume 8, Number 7

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FEATURE: Are Raised Beds for Tomatoes for You? 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

Growing tomatoes in raised beds: it's one of the easiest and practical approaches to gardening.

You don’t need to be a master builder or even handy with tools in order to set up raised beds, either. Reliable vendors can help provide affordable components, simple set up instructions, and know-how.

Use these simple tips to get started growing tomatoes in raised beds.

Select the best spot
The best raised bed sites for tomatoes are level, well-draining, and close to a water source. Choose a spot that receives at least eight hours of direct sun daily. .

Prepare the area
Create an outline of your raised bed with string, garden hose, or even flour. Measure the area. Then work the soil. Tomatoes are deep drinkers. Roots in a raised bed will need to penetrate the soil below. Most vegetables grow beautifully in 12-inch deep beds, but deeper is better with tomatoes. Prepare the site by … Read More)

And check out our Raised Beds for Tomatoes board on Pinterest for more helpful and inspiring ideas.

Best Tips for Growing Tomatoes

The world's number one tomato Bible. Advice on 1300 varieties, soil preparation, pruning; and extensive help with pests and diseases from a leading industry expert to help you have the biggest, tastiest crop ever.

Tomato Growing Book

Tomato Growing Tip: The Best Width for Raised Beds

Image: Tomato Dirt

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More About Raised Beds for Tomatoes

How to Choose Materials for Your Raised Bed : A Primer Starting a Raised Bed: FAQs 5 Tips for Preparing Raised Bed Soil for Planting Tomatoes More Ideas for Raised Beds for Tomatoes on Our Pinterest Board

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