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[Tomato Dirt #95] 70% Gardeners Buy Seeds Online. Do You?
January 21, 2016

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Volume 6, Number 1

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100 New Introductions for the Garden!

Cherry Baby Tomato ... Madame Marmande Tomato .. be sure to see the latest new introductions for your vegetable garden this spring from Burpee Seeds.

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FEATURE: Why 70% Tomato Gardeners Buy Tomato Seeds Online

Image: The Garden Glove

Nearly 70 percent of gardeners say they buy most of their seeds from mail-order garden catalogs.

These vendors range from small proprietorships that sell only seeds saved and processed in house … to family businesses that have been around for a couple of generations … to seed cooperatives and even larger companies.

Tomato seed suppliers stay in business because they help you do what you want to do: grow healthy tomatoes.

  • Seed suppliers help you plan what to grow.Website photos and glossy catalogs are not just for inspiration, but for information too. Growing information, disease resistance, and yield help you choose what tomato varieties are best for your climate, your soil, and your garden.

  • Seed suppliers meet your specialty needs.Maybe you’re looking for short-season tomato seeds … the best selection of paste tomatoes … or bi-color and striped tomato varieties. Different tomato seeds suppliers specialize in all kinds of tomato seeds.

  • Seed suppliers help you save money.Some vendors offer small amounts of seeds for the home gardener and others provide bulk seed or wholesale prices. Seed suppliers specialize to help you save money.

  • Seeds suppliers help you save hassle. Maybe you don’t live near a gardening center. Maybe you do … but the store doesn’t have its seeds out early enough for you to start them on time or maybe the stores don’t carry tomato varieties you want to grow. When it comes to ordering tomato seeds and other gardening gear, online vendors offer convenience and save you hassle.

Learn more about how to choose tomato seeds suppliers … and get more ideas on our Tomato Seeds Pinterest Board.

Tomato Growing Tip #22: Rest Assured With Seed Germination Rates

Image: Tomato Dirt

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Best Tips for Growing Tomatoes

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Fun and Helpful Tomato Seed Collections

You may want to consider these tomato seeds for your garden.

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