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[Tomato Dirt #87] Small Tomatoes? Weak Plants? Check for This Deficiency in Your Tomatoes
August 20, 2015

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Volume 5, Number 14

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FEATURE: Small Tomatoes? Weak Tomato Plants? Check for Phosphorus Deficiency

Image: UMD Extension

Phosphorus plays a key role for healthy tomato plants. It helps convert nutrients into usable building blocks (proteins and nucleic acids), which allow the tomato plant to grow.

And phosphorus converts energy. It serves as a go-between for two kinds of energy in the metabolic process: high energy (ATP) and low energy (ADP).

If your tomato plant can’t convert nutrients to energy building blocks or can’t gain and release energy, then the plant can’t grow.

One big tip that your tomato plants are phosphorus-deficient are reddish-purplish leaves. But look for these other symptoms in your tomato plants too:

  • Your tomato plant grows slowly.
  • It may be dwarfed, stunted, or stressed.
  • As the growing season progresses, the tomato plant will appear to be younger than it is.
  • Once-healthy plants lose vigor.
  • Fruit will be smaller and there will be less of it.

If you suspect your tomato plants are phosphorus-deficient, use a simple soil test to find out the nutrient’s levels. You can amend the soil easily (here’s how.)

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Tomato Growing Tip #14: When to Use a Do-It-Yourself Soil Test to Save Money

Image: Tomato Dirt

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Use These to Check for and Correct Tomato Deficiencies

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