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[Tomato Dirt #81] Fight Blight! Play Offense Against Early Blight in Tomatoes
June 04, 2015

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Volume 5, Number 8

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FEATURE: Fight Blight! Play Offense Against Early Blight in Tomatoes

Image: Rodale

Tomato blight, in its different forms, is a disease that attacks a plant’s foliage, stems, and even fruit.

Early blight (one form of tomato blight) is caused by a fungus, Alternaria solani, which over-winters in the soil and infected plants. Affected plants underproduce. Leaves may drop, leaving fruit open to sunscald.

Plus, it’s ugly!

Take these precautions to keep early blight at bay in your tomato plants.

  • Plant tomatoes in a raised bed to improve drainage and provide better air circulation. Extra space lets air move around plants and lets leaves dry quicker.
  • Treat plants organically with copper spray to slow onset. Apply on a regular schedule, once a week and after rain.
  • Control symptoms with a biofungicide. Once blight is present and progresses, it becomes more resistant, but you can lessen and slow symptoms with a biofungicide like Serenade. Treat it as soon as possible and on a schedule.

Get more helpful info about preventing early blight in tomatoes

… and know how to identify early blight, late blight, and Septoria leaf spot on tomatoes when you compare these three kinds of tomato blight.

Tomato Growing Tip #8: Three Kinds of Garden Sprayers to Use to Treat Blight

Image: Tomato Dirt

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Tools to Help You Fight Tomato Blight

Bayer Serenade Garden Disease Control Concentrate Bonide Copper Fungicide

More About Battling Tomato Blight

Is Copper Spray Safe for My Tomatoes? How to Choose a Garden Sprayer That Is Right for You How to Identify and Treat Late Blight How to Identify and Treat Septoria Leaf Spot

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