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[Tomato Dirt #79] 5 Tips for Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Containers
April 28, 2015

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Volume 5, Number 6

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FEATURE: 5 Tips for Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Containers

Image: Tomato Dirt

Use these important tips when growing cherry tomatoes in containers so you have healthy, productive plants.

  1. Use as Big a Pot as You Can. If possible, use at least a 5-gallon container for growing cherry tomatoes.
  2. Choose Varieties Wisely. Plants that produce medium- to smaller-sized fruit are easier to manage in containers than large fruited varieties.
  3. Plant Plants, Not Seeds. Don’t sow seeds directly into your containers – germination and development will take too long. Plant tomato seedlings instead.
  4. Let the Sun Shine. Set your cherry tomato containers where they can enjoy at least 6-8 hours of sun a day.
  5. Be a Watering Vigilante. Monitor the soil moisture so your cherry tomato plants don’t dry out.

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Image: Tomato Dirt

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