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[Tomato Dirt #76] Choosing a Grow Light: 4 Kinds to Choose From When Starting Tomatoes
February 26, 2015

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Volume 5, Number 3

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FEATURE: Choosing a Grow Light: 4 Kinds to Choose From When Starting Tomatoes

Image: Tomato Dirt

A grow light structure is a stand from which lights are suspended and under which plants are set. Its shelves hold seedling trays. Arms or sides support the light ballast. Choose from these 4 types of grow light structures when you’re growing tomatoes from seed.

  • Tabletop Structures. Beginning gardeners or gardeners with limited space may choose table top growing stands that accommodate single or double trays (seed starting trays for the home gardener have between 18 and 48 cells, depending upon which tray you choose.)
  • Freestanding Structures . Freestanding grow light units icon are available in all sizes, from compact units to multiple shelving units. Some freestanding structures are on wheels so you can move them easily.
  • Modular Units. A modular unit allows you to start with just one shelf and light to use now and then add units vertically to multiply your growing space. This is a practical way to get started with growing your own tomatoes from seeds. In most cases, a modular unit is easy to take apart and store compactly during the off-season.
  • Shelving. One popular way to make an inexpensive light shelf is to use a simple shelving unit from a discount home improvement store or online. You can hang fluorescent shop lights from shelf undersides of the shelves with wire, chain, or rope.

Read more about choosing a grow light system for starting tomato seeds … and check out terrific tomato grow lights systems on our Tomato Grow Lights Pinterest board.

Tomato Growing Tip #3: Make Sure Your Grow Lights Are Adjustable

Image: Tomato Dirt

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