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[Tomato Dirt] How to Strengthen Tomato Seedlings Before Planting Them Outside
March 20, 2014

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Volume 4, Number 5

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Feature: How to Strengthen Tomato Seedlings Before Planting Them Outside

Image: Plan Garden

When you strengthen a growing tomato plant before setting outside in the garden, you have a much greater chance for healthy results. Take these three steps to strengthen seedlings as you grow them.
  1. Brush them. No, not like hair! Instead, pass your hand lightly over the seedlings several times a day. Or you may choose to use a fan to create a light breeze for your seedlings. Motion helps tomato seedlings develop stronger, thicker stems.
  2. Re-pot them. Tomatoes need strong root systems. Re-potting tomato seedlings gives roots room to grow. Re-pot your seedlings at least once (sometimes two or three times) before setting them in the garden.
  3. Turn them. No matter what your light source – a sunny window or a set of grow lights – they will bend unnaturally towards it. Turn the trays once a day so plants grow straight and strong.

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Special Tip to Strengthen Tomatoes By Re-Potting

If you start your tomato seedlings in cell trays, re-pot them once they have 2 sets of leaves – and the second set is at least ½ inch long. A 4-6 inch pot will give the plant plenty of room to grow a strong root system. You can always re-pot to an even bigger pot if the plant gets large or root-bound.

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