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[Tomato Dirt #280] Hold the mulch! (For just a bit)
April 06, 2023

Tomato Dirt Newsletter
Volume 13, Number 8

Dear Tomato Dirt reader,

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Create Your Own Custom 3-Plant Bundles and Save

Want to save money – and choose your own vegetable and herb varieties?

The good folks at Burpee understand. They’re gardeners, too. And they have their favorite tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and herbs.

That’s why they’ve created their special Mix & Match offer. You can create your own custom 3-plant bundles of herbs and vegetables – and save money in the process.

Let’s say you want to grow Brandywine, Super Sweet 100 Tomatoes, and Sweet Emerald Giant Peppers. You can create your own bundle of those 3 varieties and purchase them at the bundle price!

Bundled plants come in multiples of 3. The more bundles you buy, the more you save. Buy two or more bundles and save an additional 20%. Check out the Mix & Match offer.

NEW! Check for tomato growing tips each day on our Facebook page

Here’s the dirt: Tomato Dirt’s long-standing Facebook page was recently hacked. For your safety and privacy, we closed it.

But never fear! We’ve started a new page with good security. (Join right here).

You’re invited to like the page and get plenty of tomato growing tips. And please share the new page with other gardeners you know!

Hop on over to Facebook and click “Like” right now, while you’re thinking about it.

FEATURE: When to Mulch Tomatoes for Best Results

If you’re new to gardening, you may not be aware of when to mulch tomatoes … indeed, whether you need to mulch tomato plants at all.

Mulching tomato plants has many advantages. For one thing, mulch keeps moisture in.

Plus, mulch regulates soil temperature. In the heat, a layer helps keep the underlying soil cooler. But when temperatures are cooler in the spring and fall, a layer of mulch keeps tomato roots warm.

Mulch also cuts down on weeds and prevents disease and fruit rot. And if you use organic mulch – like straw, grass clippings, shredded bark – or even newspapers – the mulch can improve the soil by breaking down during the off season.

So should you mulch tomato plants? Yes. But the question is when... (Keep reading)

Best Tips for Growing Tomatoes: Bestseller in 89 Countries

THE tomato-growing Bible and best-seller in 89 countries: How to Grow Juicy Tomatoes. Two horticulturalists combine forces to give you advice about the right way to prune, fertilize, water and stake tomatoes.

You’ll be able to diagnose pest and disease problems using step by step priceless information, illustrated with 260 full color photos.

Get the book and you’ll also get 6 free bonuses, including the Family Tomato Cookbook and a database of 1300 varieties of tomatoes. More details here.

Tomato Growing Book

Tomato Growing Tip: Red plastic mulch – yea or nay?

Image: Tomato Dirt

Get more tips for growing tomatoes on our Tomato Growing Tips Pinterest board.

Check Out These Helps for Mulching Tomatoes

icon icon icon
Pro-Weed Mat Weed Barrier icon Red Plastic Tomato Mulch (roll 2 ft x 3 ft) icon 20-Year Weed Shield weed barrier icon

More Mulching Tips

What’s the Best Mulch for Tomatoes? Benefits and Drawbacks to Using Black Plastic Mulch Review: Biodegradable Weed Mats

Red Plastic Mulch for Tomatoes: Does It Make a Difference?

That’s it for now. More next time.

Until then, happy gardening!

Kathy with Tomato Dirt
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