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[Tomato Dirt #261] Should You Refrigerate Tomatoes … and If So, When?
July 28, 2022

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Volume 12, Number 15

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FEATURE: Should You Refrigerate Tomatoes – and If So, When?

It’s a grand debate: should you refrigerate tomatoes … or not?

One on side are those who say never. They’re horrified at the thought of a chilled tomatoes.

And on the other side of the issue are fruit flies, bruising, or fruit that’s ready to spoil.

The icebox beckons. You want to preserve as much of your crop as possible, right?

The conflict’s quick answer is this: keep fresh tomatoes on your counter so long as you plan to use them in a day or two.

Longer than that? Plan to store tomatoes in the fridge.

Here’s why… (Keep reading)

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Tomato Growing Tip: How Fast Do Green Tomatoes Ripen?

Image: Tomato Dirt

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