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[Tomato Dirt #213] What to Do With Green Tomatoes at Season’s End
October 15, 2020

Tomato Dirt Newsletter
Volume 10, Number 21

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FEATURE: How to Use Green Tomatoes at Season’s End

Image: Tomato Dirt

Let’s say you’ve been watching the weather forecast. Frost is projected, so you scour your garden patch and pick all the remaining green tomatoes.

What can you do with them?

Make Green Tomato Relish. You can enjoy it all year long. And if you don’t have enough green tomatoes, you can extend the recipe by grating some green cabbage to “fill in the gaps.”

Have Fried Green Tomatoes.This is a perfect recipe to use if you have just a few green tomatoes to use up.

Ripen green tomatoes off the vine. There’s at least 5 simple ways you can go about it. Take a few steps now to ripen green tomatoes indoors and you can enjoy fresh tomatoes for a few more weeks!

Learn more about ripening green tomatoes and what to do with them…

… and get more helpful tips on our Harvesting Tomatoes Pinterest Board.

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Tomato Growing Tip: 5 Ways to Ripen Green Tomatoes Off the Vine

Image: Tomato Dirt

Get more tips for growing tomatoes on our Tomato Growing Tips Pinterest board.

To Help You Pick & Use Green Tomatoes

Garden hods and garden baskets (great for gifts, too)Sloggers and other garden bootsKitchen canners for preserving tomatoes and relish

More on Using Green Tomatoes

How to Sort Green Tomatoes According to Ripening Stages How to Extend Your Tomato HarvestFried Green Tomatoes: a Southern Classic10 Ways to Get Tomatoes to Ripen Faster

That’s it for now. More next time.

Until then, happy gardening!

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