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[Tomato Dirt #185] How to Protect Tomato Plants in Cold Weather
September 12, 2019

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Volume 9, Number 19

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FEATURE: How to Protect Tomato Plants in Cold Weather

Photo: Plow and Hearth

Protecting tomatoes from frost and freezing is important to having healthy crop – both at the beginning of the season (for our southern hemisphere readers) and at the end (those in the northern hemisphere.) Here are the top tips you need to know about protecting tomatoes in a frost.

  • Frost can occur when temperatures are as high as 40ºF. Moisture, rather than temperature, is the determining factor.
  • Low-lying areas, where cold air settles, are more susceptible to frost. If your tomato patch is in a low area, pay special attention as temperatures dip into the 40s.
  • Tomatoes cannot withstand frost. When a frost warning is forecast for your area, choose from various types of frost protection to safeguard young plants in the spring and mature plants in the fall. Grow tunnels , wall o water, plant covers – even sheets, blankets, and plastic – can help save tomato plants from frost injury. (Find out more about different types of frost protection).
And be sure to check out our Tomatoes and Frost board on Pinterest for more helpful ideas about protecting your tomato plants when temperatures turn cold.

Protect Your Tomato Plants from Heat and Cold

It’s hot. Soon, it will be too cold. Do you have what you need to protect your tomato plants so they can be healthy and keep producing as long as possible? Browse shade cloth for your garden. Take a look.

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Tomato Growing Tip: Mark Where You Grew Tomatoes This Year

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Frost-Proof Your Tomato Plants in Cold Weather

Agribon and other floating row covers Grow Tunnel for HoopHouse and other tunnel row cover kitsWall-O-Water and other water protectors

More about Tomatoes and Cold Weather

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