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[Tomato Dirt #179] Tie ‘Em Up! Tips for Staking Tomatoes
June 20, 2019

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Volume 9, Number 13

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FEATURE: Tie ‘Em Up! Tips for Staking Tomatoes

Tomatoes grow vigorously. They continually send up new stems, branches, and blossoms. Tying up branches to stakes or cages prevents them from breaking.

Wait to tie plants to stakes until first flowers appear. This encourages the main stem to grow strong. Tie branches to the stake opposite blossoms so that when fruit grows, it is not trapped between the stake and the tie.

How to tie up tomato plants

  • Locate the lower, thick part of the branch below a fork. (Do not tie branch tips to stakes as they are more likely to break.)
  • Wrap one end of the tie around the thick part of the branch and tie a granny (double) knot. To get the best tension, imagine you’re making a knot around your finger. Don’t pull too tightly or you will injure or choke the plant.
  • Gently stretch the tie to the cage or stake, supporting the branch.
  • Wrap the second tie end around the stake or cage wire.
  • Adjust the tension more or less to train the branch to a supported position along the stake.
  • Fasten the end of the tie to the stake or cage with a granny (double) knot.

Check these step-by-step directions that explain how to tie up tomato plants. And check out how other gardeners stake tomatoes on our Staking Tomatoes Pinterest board.

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Tomato Growing Tip: When To Stake Tomato Plants

Image: Tomato Dirt

Get more tips for growing tomatoes on our Tomato Growing Tips Pinterest board.

Different Ways to Stake Tomatoes

Gardener’s Blue Ribbon and other tomato cagesTrellis netting, trellis stakes, trellis ties Tomato stakes: choose from bamboo, metal, wood, sturdy plastic, more

More on Tying and Staking Tomatoes

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