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[Tomato Dirt #170] Get Your Garden Ready for Spring with These 5 Easy Steps
February 14, 2019

Tomato Dirt Newsletter
Volume 9, Number 4

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FEATURE: Get Your Garden Ready for Spring with These 5 Easy Steps

As growing season approaches, spend some time preparing your garden for tomatoes, vegetables, and other crops. The dirt is to be their home. You can help make it as welcoming as possible.
  • Till the bed
    Begin preparing your soil by cultivating the bed 8-10 inches deep with a garden spade or tiller/cultivator.
  • Cover the soil so it warms
    Tomatoes like warm soil. Even if air temperatures start to heat up in the spring, it takes the dirt awhile to catch up. You can help prevent transplant shock by covering your tomato plot with sheets of black plastic, which absorbs heat from the sun and accelerates the warming process.
  • Test the soil
    Take a simple soil test of your soil to know how to amend it.
  • Note the pH
    Tomatoes grow best in slightly acidic soil with a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0 – optimum is between 6.5 and 7.0. If your soil’s pH isn’t within that range, make proper adjustments.
  • Amend nutrients
    Check soil test results for an even balance between nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, all necessary for strong tomato production. Evaluating nutrients will go a long way in preparing your soil because you will know what you need to add.

Get more helpful details about preparing your vegetable garden soil - plus check out more tips for preparing your garden on our Pinterest board.

Best Tips for Growing Tomatoes

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Tomato Growing Tip: Use a DIY Soil Test Kit – It’s Easy!

Image: Tomato Dirt

Get more tips for growing tomatoes on our Tomato Growing Tips Pinterest board.

Get Your Garden Ready the Easy Way

Till ‘er up! Sun Joe and other tillersSoil Savvy, Rapitest Do-It-Yourself soil test kits and soil pH testers Garden plastic mulch: our favorite ways to prevent weeds

More Garden Prep Tips

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That’s it for now. More next time.

Until then, happy gardening!

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