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[Tomato Dirt #152] Best watering tomatoes tip: use drip irrigation to keep tomatoes healthy.
July 05, 2018

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Volume 8, Number 17

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Get Wet

Hoses, nozzles, sprinklers, water timers, soil moisture meters … when it’s time for water, does your garden have what it takes? Browse garden hoses and other watering gear that other gardeners use and love. Take a look.

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FEATURE: It's Good To Be a Drip When Watering Tomatoes

Tomatoes do best when watered slowly and deeply.

As water sinks down lower into the soil, the tomato’s roots must follow suit and reach down further to absorb it. Deep watering helps tomato plants build strong root systems. Superficial watering allows roots to be lazy. If roots mustn’t dig deep, they can float around the surface and get a drink the easy way.

Shallow root systems can lead to root damage and more stress for the plant during dry spells. So by watering slowly and deeply, you're practicing your own kind of "Gardener's Tough Love" with tomato plants.

There are three main watering techniques gardeners use with tomatoes:

  1. Hand watering: time consuming, but requires only a hose and nozzle
  2. Sprinkler: requires only a hose and sprinkler, but wets leaves and has a high rate of evaporation
  3. Drip watering: has a bit higher initial cost, but you can use the set up each year – and is the most effective way to water tomatoes because … (keep reading)

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Tomato Growing Tip: Check the Soil Moisture

Image: Tomato Dirt

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Helpful Watering Gadgets

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Solar Rain Gauge Garden Soil Moisture Sensor icon Programmable Water Timer with Water Sensor icon

More Tips for Watering Tomatoes

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