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[Tomato Dirt #145] Should I Stake My Tomato Plants? Pros and Cons
April 30, 2018

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Volume 8, Number 10

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Get Cagey

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Tomato cages, bamboo poles, tomato towers, reusable staking ties, cage extensions, tomato clips, trellises, spiral supports … there’s all kinds of ways to give your tomato plants the support they need.

One of my favorite sites to browse for gardening gear is Gardener’s Supply. They’ve got an awesome selection of tomato cages and supports (and staking gear for other plants you grow, too, like roses, beans, peas, and container tomatoes.)

And great news if you find something and buy it at GS: their products are 100% guaranteed. Have fun browsing and getting ideas for your garden.

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FEATURE: Should I Stake My Tomato Plants? Pros and Cons

It’s true – staking tomatoes takes a little bit of work. Some gardeners swear by it. Others, not so much.

Staking has distinct advantages that help you have a healthier, bigger crop. Plus, some types of tomato staking are taken care of once, early in the season – and then you’re done. On the other hand, there’s the time and effort involved in staking.

Does the type of tomatoes you grow factor into your decision to stake or not to stake? Yep. Indeterminates (those which keep growing and producing fruit all season until frost) are most in need of staking. Determinate tomatoes (those which stop growing at a certain size and set their fruit at one time) have a more bushy habit, and may not need to be staked. (Read more about indeterminate and determinate tomatoes.)

Meanwhile, check out the advantages and disadvantages to staking tomatoes so you can decide for yourself which way to go this season. (Read more …)

(Psst. We stake our tomatoes. But you need to do what’s best for your garden.)

And these tips on our Staking Tomatoes Pinterest board may help, too.

Best Tips for Growing Tomatoes

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Tomato Growing Book

Tomato Growing Tip: Don’t Wait to Stake!

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Get more tips for growing tomatoes on our Tomato Growing Tips Pinterest board.

Different Ways to Stake Tomatoes

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Gardener’s Blue Ribbon and other tomato cages Trellis netting, trellis stakes, trellis ties Tomato stakes: choose from bamboo, metal, wood, sturdy plastic, more

More on Tying and Staking Tomatoes

How to tie and stake tomatoes for support Best methods for staking tomatoes The perfect tomato staking tape How to build tomato cages to support tomatoes

That’s it for now. More next time.

Until then, happy gardening!

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