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[Tomato Dirt #130] Get a Second Crop! 3 Tips for Growing Fall Tomatoes
August 22, 2017

Tomato Dirt Newsletter
Volume 7, Number 14

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Protect Your Tomato Plants from Heat and Cold

It’s hot. Soon, it will be too cold. Do you have what you need to protect your tomato plants so they can be healthy and keep producing as long as possible during extremes? Browse shade cloth and protectors for your garden. Take a look.

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FEATURE: 3 Tips for Growing Fall Tomatoes

Fall tomatoes are a second crop planted in mid-summer. They produce fruit until frost.

There are 3 important keys to growing late tomatoes successfully.

  1. Choose appropriate varieties. Early-producing varieties, smaller tomatoes, and certain heirlooms set fruit and mature in the shortest time, making them easiest to grow on a limited time frame.

  2. Plant strong seedlings. Late tomatoes are set in the ground at the height of summer heat. They need strong root systems in order to get established. Dense roots help them survive the remaining weeks of a hot summer.
  3. Plant at the right time. Conventional wisdom says to count back 60 days from the last estimated frost date in your area …

Get more details for growing second season tomatoes in the fall

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Best Tips for Growing Tomatoes

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Tomato Growing Book

Tomato Growing Tip: Which Tomato Varieties to Plant for Second Season

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Helps for Planting Second Season Tomatoes

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2-in-1 Butterfly Nozzle & Sprinkler and other watering tools Barebones Trowel and other garden hand tools icon Watering timers, controllers, and gadgets

More Tips for Growing Second Season Tomatoes

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