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[Tomato Dirt #124] Blossom End Rot, Be Gone! Take Steps NOW to Prevent It on Your Tomatoes
May 24, 2017

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Volume 7, Number 8

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FEATURE: Blossom End Rot, Be Gone! Take Steps NOW to Prevent It in Your Tomatoes

Image: Tomato Dirt

Blossom end rot (BER) is a common tomato problem associated with growing conditions. It affects tomato fruit. Stems and leaves show no symptoms.

What does it look like?

The bottom side of the tomato (either a green or ripened one) develops a sunken, leathery dark brown or black spot. Gardeners most often notice BER when fruit is 1/3 to 1/2 its full size.

What causes BER?

A calcium imbalance.

Can you prevent it?

Yep! Take these precautions now …

Find out more tips about identifying and preventing blossom end rot … and be sure to check out our Blossom End Rot board on Pinterest for more tomato growing tips.

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Tomato Growing Tip: Which Tomato Varieties Resist Blossom End Rot?

Image: Tomato Dirt

Get more tips for growing tomatoes on our Tomato Growing Tips Pinterest board.

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