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[Tomato Dirt #121] Avoid These 10 Deadly Tomato Transplanting Mistakes
March 30, 2017

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Volume 7, Number 5

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Testing, Testing: What's Up In Your Garden Soil?

Nutrients, pH, moisture level: what’s up in your garden? Find out before you plant so you can amend your soil. Take a look at soil test kits used by gardeners like you!

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FEATURE: Avoid These 10 Deadly Tomato Transplanting Mistakes

It’s all well and good to grow healthy tomato seedlings. But deadly tomato transplanting mistakes can cost you the entire crop. Here’s the dirt on the biggest tomato transplanting mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Ignoring the forecast
Even if it’s past your last frost date, check the 10-day weather projections. Cold evenings or a series of rainy days are not good for newly-planted tomatoes.

Mistake #2: Breaking the roots
Overwatered seedling root systems have a tendency to break. Moisten soil only lightly before planting tomatoes, but be sure not to overwater. Then carefully remove seedlings from cups or cells. Heavily-moistened soil will fall away from roots, damaging them. If a plant is root-bound, gently work to loosen the ball and spread roots out ...

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Best Tips for Growing Tomatoes

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Gear Up For Healthy Transplanting

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