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[Tomato Dirt #109] Be on the Lookout for These 3 Tomato Pests
August 03, 2016

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Volume 6, Number 15

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FEATURE: Be on the Lookout for These 3 Tomato Pests

Image: Tomato Dirt

As growing season progresses, check your tomato plants often for pests. These three are especially common in container tomatoes, but check the plants in your garden patch, too.

  • Aphids. You can identify aphid attack by curled leaves. They feed on emerging leaves and stems, creating holes or stunted endings. Aphids can be knocked off with a spray of water or a soap solution in a spray bottle with water and a drop of liquid soap.
  • Tomato hornworms. These caterpillar-like pests attach themselves to the underside of a tomato’s leaves, making it difficult to find them right away. Look for stems missing leaves, leaf wilt, or dark green pellets on a lower leaf indicating the presence of a hornworm above. Hornworms feast on both tomato leaves and green tomatoes. Control by handpicking.
  • Slugs. When un-staked tomatoes flop on the ground, slugs are happy campers – they get easy access to leaves for munching. Consider staking tomatoes. Sprinkle Epsom salts where slugs creep to bid them good bye. Or capture slugs with slug traps. 

Get more details about these three tomato pests … and be sure to check out our Tomato Pests Pinterest board for more helpful information.

Best Tips for Growing Tomatoes

Tomato Growing Book

Tomato Growing Tip #36: You Can Control Aphids With Water

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Battle Pests Safely -- and WIN!

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Safer and other insecticidal soaps GardenSafe and other slug and snail baits

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