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[Tomato Dirt #102] Don’t Mulch Your Tomato Plants Too Soon
April 28, 2016

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Volume 6, Number 8

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FEATURE: Don’t Mulch Tomato Plants Too Early!

Image: USDA

Once you set your tomato plants in your garden, it can be tempting to make the plot look nice by adding mulch.

Resist the temptation to mulch your tomato plants. Wait until the soil has warmed – about 3-5 weeks after setting plants in the garden.


Tomatoes like heat. The soil needs to heat up as much as possible before adding layers.

Early in the season, the ground is still cool (especially in northern regions or where the temperatures dip at night). Mulching traps in the cold. If you mulch early. you'll also delay blossoms, which delays fruit development, which leads to a later harvest.

Bottom line: wait …or you’ll be waiting extra long to eat fresh tomatoes.

Find out more tips and how-tos for mulching your tomato plants … and be sure to check out our Mulching Tomatoes board on Pinterest for more companion planting ideas.

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Tomato Growing Tip #29: Red Plastic Tomato Mulch CAN Make a Difference

Image: Tomato Dirt

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Best Tips for Growing Tomatoes

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Check Out These Helps for Mulching Tomatoes

icon icon icon
Pro-Weed Mat Weed Barrier icon Red Plastic Tomato Mulch (roll 2 ft x 3 ft) icon 20-Year Weed Shield weed barrier icon

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